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Did you know that the average cost per lead on Google Ads is over $200 according to HouseCall Pro. Our team doesn’t settle for just average. We build a highly profitable Google ads system to help fill the gaps in your schedule.

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Keyword Research

With our many years in the HVAC industry managing hundreds of thousands in advertising spend we are confident in what keywords drive results for your business. With that said, we take the time to do full local keyword research.

With our extensive negative keyword list, you can be sure you are one step ahead of the competition with your Google Ads. Helping you drive results faster, increase your relevancy, and make Google love showing your ads.

Ready For Automation?

Account Structure

The structure of your Google Ads account is equally as important as the keywords you choose. In order to deliver the most relevance to every search, and most importantly, drive down the costs of your leads, we need an account structure that scales with you.

We guide Google’s automated bidding to choose the right ad every time. Getting in front of your most valuable keywords while still catching the low-hanging fruit.

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Highly Relevant Ad Copy

Writing relevant and catchy content is extremely important to your ad account. We have proven designs that are constantly being tested to deliver the best results for all of our clients.

With proven ad copy in our back pocket, you can get a head start with your account while still getting unique designs created just for your company.

Common Questions

Short Answer: 1-3 Months

Long Answer: When comes to results everyone wants results yesterday. While PPC is much faster than SEO Services for HVAC companies you can still expect the first 1-4 weeks of your account to be the “learning phase”. This is where we are gathering information about your marketing and your account to make the best decisions moving forward. As these weeks move forward we move onto the “big changes” phase (1-2 Months) where we find what is working and not working and start cutting the fat of underperforming campaigns. Here we also make any significant changes that are necessary for your account to perform best. Lastly is the “fine-tuning phase” (2-3+ Months). At this point, we will be making changes to dial in your account and continually focus on driving down your CPAs.

Short Answer: You Do!

Long Answer: We are strong believers that if you are paying for the ads, you own the data. While we can understand that not all companies take this approach, we think it is the best long-term solution for clients. We are not here to twist your arm to working with us, we want to earn that business through transparent results, and if you decide to leave, which we hope you never do 🙂 you are not stuck starting back from scratch with your account. That is our commitment to you.

Short Answer: Minimum $2000 Per Month

Long Answer: Google Ads can be a large investment. We recommend and require a minimum spend of $2000 per month on your Google ads. Without enough ad spend your account will struggle to get enough data to make actionable decisions that improve performance. While a big commitment, as you increase your budget you will find some element of economies of scale, reducing your lead costs and improving the overall performance of your Google ads account.

Short Answer: 3 Month Minimum

Long Answer: We see our relationship as just that… A relationship. We expect a minimum of 3 months to earn your trust and cover the heavy upfront load of getting your account off the ground.

Short Answer: Minimum $1000 / Month

Long Answer: Our pricing starts at $1000 per month covering up to $5000 per month in ad spend. This increases accordingly depending on a few factors including ad spend and overall work required on the account. We build our prices into your reporting so you can the TRUE cost of your PPC account to ensure profitability.

After all, if it is not profitable for our clients, why would they ever hire us to manage their accounts.

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