HVAC Pay Per Call

HVAC Pay Per Call | The Tool That Generates Hundreds of Calls

HVAC Pay Per Call

The Tool That Generates Hundreds of Calls

Ever wonder how it is possible to just pay per call instead of paying per click?

Well, I’m here to tell you that it is possible. 

It’s a new tool called Google Local Service Ads.

Better yet this new tool actually gets you on the top of the search engine results page (also known as the SERP). 

If I have lost you, basically it just means it shows up at the top of Google when someone does a search for terms related to your HVAC business.

Check out the screenshot below.

HVAC Pay Per Call

This isn’t Google Adwords

It’s a completely new tool designed specifically for home service businesses like HVAC companies. 

The best part is you finally only have to pay per call. 

But more specifically you only pay for completed calls, not missed calls. 

In fact in the very first month with no optimizations, I generated 30 HVAC leads. 

What is great is that 

they are cheap… Like really cheap.

In our area, these were only $30 per call. 


Keep this in mind some competitive markets can pay that for simply a click on Google Adwords.

These ads are so good I made an entire video on them that talks about how they work, how you can get signed up and what you might expect to pay for these ads.

Don’t have time to watch a video? 

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