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Does Google Adwords Work For HVAC Companies?

This is the question so many companies ask, and so many have varying degrees of agreement with Google Ads and whether they work for HVAC.

So the answer isn’t easy, and as everyone hates to hear,  

It depends.

After managing over $200,000 worth of Google ads dedicated to HVAC I can strongly say it absolutely works…. For us.

Our client generated thousands of leads from it last year.

There are many reasons why Google Ads can work so effectively. 

So here are the…

#1 Proper Tracking

Everyone is so focused on getting their ads set up that they forget the most important part.

This is not an area you should take lightly and definitely not an area to skip.

Tracking is knowing what ads are working for you and what ads aren’t. If you are paying for clicks and impressions without tracking conversions, I can guarantee that you are wasting your money.

Why do I take this so seriously? That’s because I see time and time again people wasting their hard earned money on ads without an idea of if it works.

Let me share with you what you should have.

If you are a home service business of any kind, including HVAC, your customers are going to contact you in only a few ways..

  1. Calls
  2. Webforms or Emails
  3. Texting via Podium or another service

That is basically it.

See Lead Generation For Home Service Businesses

Yes, they can contact via a phone number on a billboard, Google My Business profile or Facebook, but for now, we are talking about the proper measurement of your Google Ads by themselves.

Most customers will call and I find after that it’s typically a tie between texting and emails / web forms.

This means you NEED a call tracking solution.

A way to know where this call came from. Was it from SEO or Google My Business or Google Ads? Which ad did it come from?

Do you see where I am going?

Knowing the ads that are generating you HVAC leads is the only way to know which Google Ads to turn off ads that aren’t. Thus making your budget go further and making HVAC Google Ads work. 

How to integrate calls via CallRail and Google AdWords  (Coming Soon)

How to Track Forms via Google Analytics? (Coming soon)

#2 Effective Landing Pages

This next step I would say is the second most critical part of your Google Ads success for HVAC campaigns.

Understanding that people are searching for an answer to their questions. 

For Example:

I wrote this blog because I knew people are searching for “Does Google Adwords Work For HVAC Companies?”

What this means is that I know most likely that:

1) The people that are searching (you) are HVAC business owners that are looking at trying Google Ads

2) You have used Google Ads without success for your HVAC company

3) You just really like my content 🙂

So I built this blog to help you by showing how you can have success with Google Adwords.

This is the same thing you will need to do with your landing pages for your Google Ads campaigns for your HVAC company.

You need to have unique pages that are specific to what someone is searching for

DO NOT send Google Adwords to your home page

Here’s the best way to start.

Create a unique landing page for each service you offer:

  1. Furnace Installation
  2. Furnace Repairs
  3. Furnace Maintenance
  4. Air Conditioner Installation
  5. Air Conditioner Repairs
  6. Air Conditioner Maintenance


Make sure these pages are mobile-friendly, unless you plan on not running ads to mobile devices. In which case you will be missing out on over 50% of searches.

Create a clear call to action.

If someone is on your page for a new air conditioner, most likely they want information on a new air conditioner. 

Not fixing their furnace…

Keep it simple & concise.

I find the key is to focus on the main points a customer cares about when making their decision

  1. Briefly, who you are, your reputation/reviews
  2. The benefits of what you are selling (cool off with ac)
  3. What promotions or reasons someone should have to call you (financing, “x” $ off etc)
  4. A form or a link to a contact page (your clear call to action)

Do this and you’ll be sure to have successful landing pages.

#3 Keyword Research for your Campaign

Now we are getting into the fun stuff, at least for nerdy people like me.

This is where you find that hidden gem that can generate you high-quality HVAC leads for cheap.

I can pretty much guarantee that the most searched keyword in your area is going to be one of these options.

Furnace repair +your city


Air Conditioning Companies

Or something very similar.

Now here’s the mistake many HVAC companies make with their PPC, which is targeting the highest volume keywords.

Now I’m not saying these keywords are not great to target… but I would take a wild guess and say that every company running HVAC Google ads in your area is going to be targeting these keywords.

Why does that matter?

Well, because the higher competition is going to drive more competitive bidding. That means you can see CPC’s (cost per clicks) for a keyword like this well over $25 PER CLICK!

If you have a small ad budget or are new to Google ads this approach may take you a while to see results. 

If 1/10 people who click, then convert (10% conversion rate), that means you are going to spend $250 dollars just to get 1 lead.

If you have other ad groups running, in addition, you are going to spread your budget thinner and most likely it will take longer to see results. 

Here is where it becomes quite easy to spend $500-$1000 without seeing results. 

So we do our keyword research….

We find long-tail keywords for HVAC that have less search volume, a much lower CPC, and still have the ability to convert.

Using a premium tool like SEMrush will help you find thousands of keywords as well as more accurate CPC projects in your area.

You can find keywords that your competitors are currently ranking for in Google Search results and so much more.

If you want to try it out here is a link to a 7-day free trial of SEMrush, do an. SEO audit and get some ideas. It’s a Game Changer.

Lower CPC Means 

  1. That same budget will go further
  2. You’ll get through the testing phase sooner
  3. Your cost per lead will be much less.

Let’s look at that same scenario

If 1/10 people who click, then convert (10% conversion rate), with a CPC of $10 that means it will now cost you $100 dollars to get that same 1 lead.

It also means you’ll get 2.5x more leads on the same $250 dollar budget.

If you want some free tools to check out the Google keyword planner or your own ranking keywords inside of Google Search Console.

Here’s also a great time to subscribe to my email list to receive plenty of free updates on strategies you can use in your HVAC business.

#4 Keyword Match Types and Negatives for HVAC Adwords

There are 4 main types of keyword match types.  Choosing the correct ones will dramatically increase your AdWord’s ability to work. You can see the official explanation of them from Google here It’s important to use the correct match types to improve your ads Quality Score. This gives you an idea of how well your keywords match your ad and how well your ad matches your landing page. If you are targeting too broadly most likely you will have a really low CTR and conversion rate. Check your search terms report to find what keywords your ads are showing for and make sure it is what you are looking for. Next up is your…

#5 Campaign / Ad Group Structure

This is a big topic and there are a huge number of different strategies for how to structure your ad groups and keywords. Now there isn’t a perfect answer here but there are some great guidelines that can help.

5-20 Keywords Per Ad Group

There are thousands of keywords out there you can target, and believe me your google ads is going to recommend you use all of them, but don’t. Keep your ad groups concise and make sure they all follow the same theme.

Use Negative Keywords

If you are using broad match keywords in your groups you are going to want to be sure to constantly add negative keywords. These are keywords that you do not want to show for. If you are targeting broad keywords chances are you are going to need a negative keyword list. Otherwise, your HVAC ad that is targeting heating companies can show for terms like “in-floor heating” or “garage heaters.” If you do not provide those services you will be wasting your money on your advertising.

#6 Time and Effort

Lame right? However, it is true. Your ads are not going to work overnight. There isn’t a perfect formula as every business is going to have different promotions, products, and audiences, and each market will respond differently.  Take the time to monitor your ads and optimize them as you see what is and is not working. Don’t quit too early Knowing your website’s conversion rate will help you know roughly what percentage your ads should convert and you can better understand how long it will take for an ad group to produce a lead. You may see companies that seem to have it down to a science,  but know they have had to go through the same phases to produce such great results. Patience will pay off in the end. So…Does Google Adwords Work For HVAC Companies? If you follow all of these guidelines, Your Google ADs WILL work for your HVAC company. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and subscribe to receive more awesome tips like these. Looking for other ways to generate leads…. Check out my 5 Tools to Generate Home Improvement Leads