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The Ultimate HVAC Keyword List

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HVAC SEO & PPC Keyword Research Guide

Welcome to the absolute best guide for doing HVAC keyword research.

Seriously, with our HVAC Keyword guide, we were able to build a highly profitable list of HVAC keywords for PPC and for SEO that we used to generate millions of dollars in new revenue.

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How to Do Keyword Research For HVAC

Customers use search terms and phrases to find what they are looking for online. This is especially important in the HVAC industry.

These are called search queries and there are thousands of different ways someone could search for your businesses services.

In the following steps we are going to show you great strategies to find highly searched and highly profitable hvac keywords.

Finding the most searched HVAC keywords for SEO.

In many situations the most searched keywords aren’t always the most profitable in Google ads, but they tend to be the keywords you want to rank for with your SEO.

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Most times these queries are going to be 1-3 words long.

This would include phrases like “Furnace Repair”, “Air Conditioning”, “New Furnace”, and “HVAC companies” amongst many others.

You can typically find these by simply using Google Suggest.

Type in the product or service you offer into Google Search,

Starting with “Furnace”

From here you will find a list of suggested keywords that pop up before you complete your search.

These are a great place to start. Write them down in an excel document or Google sheets.

After searching the first keyword “furnace”

Scroll to the bottom of the Google Search results and you will see another group of keywords related to your initial search. These are typically the higher searched keywords and most likely the ones you are going to want to target.

Do this for each service you offer.  Furnace Repair, Furnace Installation, Furnace Tune Up, Air Conditioning etc. and track all of this into an excel document.

Quite quickly you will start to find a good list of keywords to target for SEO.

Don’t worry this is just the first and most simple way to find keywords. We are going to explore much more in-depth strategies that will enormously help your business.

Ok, enough with the easy stuff, let’s get into the tools you can use for HVAC Keyword Research.

Best Free Tools for Doing HVAC Keyword Research

  • Google Suggest
  • Search Console
  • SEMrush free trial
  • Google Ads Search Terms Report

Best Paid Tools for HVAC Keyword Research

  • SEMrush paid version
  • Ahrefs

Let’s start with the free tools as this will apply to most smaller HVAC companies who may not be in a position to spend the money on more premium keyword research tools.

Google Suggest

We basically went through this in an example above. Some great tips here are to use 2- and 3-word searches to find more long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are typically those with 3 or more words in the search. These usually have less search volume but have a higher conversion rate when it comes to PPC.

Insert Long-tail keyword image

Google Search Console

If only there was an amazing tool that told you exactly what your website already ranks for, in what position, and how many times it’s searched.

Well there is, and Google actually provides it to you, FREE….

It’s called Google Search Console.

You can set it up right here

This place is an absolute gold mine of great keywords to target. You can sort by highest impressions and get an idea of the most searched keywords your website is currently showing up for in Google Search results

Here you can filter by highest impressions, or sort by keywords you are already ranking on the first page for.

One easy way to find more keywords is to filter by one of your service pages. Such as /furnace-installation/

From here you can see all the search queries this page can show up for. Even if you are not on the first page of Google. These keywords are great for adding to your landing pages, creating new landing pages and even using for PPC.

Insert Search Console Dashboard Image

SEMrush Free Trial

SEMrush is my all-time favourite keyword research tool and an amazing place where you can build extensive HVAC keyword lists. Although this is a paid tool starting at $99USD, per month they luckily offer a free trial for 7-days.

I would highly recommend doing the 7-day free trial and following along with this guide and you will have thousands of keywords in just a few days. That’ll keep you busy for quite some time.

So, here’s how you use the tool.

Once you sign up for the free trial head over to the keyword magic tool. Enter in your main keyword or service you offer. Keep it one or two words long and there you have it, an exportable list of keywords that you can filter by search volume, cost per clicks on ppc and keyword difficulty.

Not to mention if you can also filter by questions and get hundreds of great ideas for your next blog articles.

SEMrush will help you see the endless list of keywords that can be used in the HVAC industry.

Better yet, you can throw in your competitors’ website, and see exactly what keywords they are ranking for and their estimated CPC’s. This will give you a localized list of keywords worth targeting.

Google Ads Search Terms Report

If you are currently running Google Ads, you are at a great advantage. You have a fantastic list of HVAC keywords just waiting to be discovered.

Go into your Google Ads Campaign > Keywords > Search Terms.

Here you will get a list of the keywords that your ads are currently showing for. If you have proper conversion tracking setup you can filter by your best performing keywords. This is another great place to get awesome keywords.

By now I’m sure you have an enormous and ever-expanding list of keywords, fortunately we are not finished. At the end of this guide we will give you the best way to use these keywords.

Paid HVAC Keyword Research Tools

SEMrush Paid version

As explained above, the paid version of SEMrush gives you access to all of the keyword research you’ll need. However, the paid version gives you this plus some other great SEO features. These include Site audits, looking at your competitors keywords they are using for their paid ads and more. I suggest checking out some videos on YouTube that should help you see if it is the right tool for you.


Ahrefs is another awesome tool for keyword research. This is basically the main competitor to SEMrush. There is quite a lot of overlap in their keyword tools, however Ahrefs is a great tool for more SEO features like backlinks and rank tracking.

This gives you an easy way to see where your website ranks for your targeted keywords.

Some Top Keywords for HVAC and Long-tail HVAC Keywords

The top HVAC keywords are going to depend on what you are using them for. Keywords for HVAC SEO have a lot of overlap with your Google Ads keywords however their will also have some key differences.

For instance, questions searched for, such as, “cost of an air conditioner?” May be better used for SEO as it is less transactional and more educational.

Google ads works well for transactional keywords, as it implies the customer is closer to the point of contacting a business.

SEO can work to both educate the customer through blogs and helpful content but also through ranking your websites pages for transactional keywords.

Top HVAC keywords for SEO

-Furnace repair +your city

-furnace installation

-new furnace

-furnace replacement

-furnace tune up

-furnace maintenance

You can essentially use all of these keywords for AC as well.

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Top HVAC keywords for PPC

Some great keywords here are not necessarily the most search keywords. Here you want to find low competition keywords that still can get someone to call your business.

Here we like to use long-tail keywords.

-Brand +furnace +repair

Do this for all brands

You could also do this for new installations.

+New +Lennox +furnace

Replicate this for AC as well.

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Sum it all up

With the above tools you should be able to create a long list of HVAC keywords based on their search volumes and competitiveness. You should also be able to find keywords that can improve your existing web pages and give inspiration for new blog ideas.

Be sure to track all of your target keyword into a spreadsheet to make a plan for each keyword theme. You can also explore tracking these keywords with a rank tracking tool like SEMrush or Ahrefs.

Download Ultimate Keyword List

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